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121 Petcare Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions set out an agreement between you and 121 Petcare /doggydayzdoggys
  2. We will treat your personal information confidentially and will not pass on your details to any 3rd parties other than the pet sitters.
  3. You undertake to make a full disclosure of any quality and/or characteristic which might make your dog or pet unsuitable for home sitting or walking, including, but not limited to behavioural and/or health problems, anti-social behaviour including aggression,
    incontinence /lack of housetraining and/or excessive loud barking/whining. Failure on your part to disclose any matter which might render your pet unsuitable for home sitting and/or walking will be deemed a material omission amounting to a fundamental breach of this agreement. You will also be liable for additional costs if 121 petcare experience difficulties due to failure to disclose information in the booking form that would be accepted as unreasonably unsuitable for home sitting or
  4. Information that has been submitted by you in booking form/s will be used for all subsequent bookings, unless we are notified in writing that there has been a change in your contact details/address/pets conditions or requirements.
  5. You will present your pet/s for sitting in a clean and groomed condition with up-to-date vaccinations, de-flea and anti-worming treatments.
  6. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact you or your emergency contact in the event of an emergency. If however we cannot make contact with you, 121 Petcare reserve the right to make decisions regarding your pet’s
    health. At all times we will be acting in the best interest of your pet and on the advice of the Veterinary Surgeon if a Vet visit is required. If your pet/s becomes unwell, has an accident, or injures themselves we may need to take them to a Veterinary Surgeon. You agree to be responsible for payment of all fees incurred before you come home. Where possible we will use your preferred Vet. You also agree that if the vet suggests any treatment is necessary immediately and 121 Petcare and the vet cannot reach you that we should proceed with the vets suggested treatment.
  7. Once your pet/s have been matched with a suitable sitter, we will contact you with their details. They will then contact you to arrange to meet with you and your pet/s in your home. , If both the sitter and you are happy to proceed after this visit, we will then require 50 % non refundable deposit Payable after the meeting and the other 50 % payable 48 hours before the sit. If the second payment is not made on time the sit will be cancelled . For regular walks / visits you pay at the beginning
  1. For any overnight/holiday sits, you will be charged a day rate rather than nightly rates.
  2. For standard bank holiday dates, you will be charged 50 % more
  3. We provide a FREE first visit in which the sitter will come and meet you and your pet/s, after this, any subsequent visits you may wish to have will be chargeable.arranged
  4. Our sitters will charge petrol costs at 45p per mile, or Public Transport costs for the first FREE visit and for the arrival journey and departure journey for your holiday sit. We will always try to find a pet sitter that is relatively close to you. Travel expensesmust be paid directly to your pet sitter. £4.50 return !
  5. Pet Sitters are instructed to leave your property clean and tidy as they find it.
  6. In the event of an emergency and/or Force Majeure and your sitter is unable to proceed, we will endeavour to transfer your sit to another sitter. In rare cases when no other sitter is available, we will return your payment in full within 48hrs.
  7. If you arrive home before the confirmed end date, you will not receive a refund.
  8. You agree to supply enough pet food for the duration of your time away. If insufficient pet food is supplied, you agree to reimburse the sitter for any costs they may have to outlay.
  9. Pet Sitters are independent contractors.
  10. You agree not to discuss the terms of booking or price with any Pet Sitter introduced by 121 petcare/doggydayzdoggys. You agree to make all future bookings serviced by our sitters through 121 petcare/doggydayzdoggys . Any problems or concerns with your sitter/walker/visitor please contact 121 petcare directly not the sitter .
  11. You agree to indemnify 121 petcare/doggydayzdoggys in full against any liability arising from the loss or damage to your property or its contents in present or future circumstances when keys are given to a sitter.
  12. 121 petcare / doggydayzdoggys cannot be held responsible for any loss of pets that have access to an open cat flap.
  13. If you have a camera activated in your home, this will need to be de-activated in bedrooms and bathrooms as this is a breach of privacy for the sitter. Please inform any that are on.
  14. If you agree that your pet sitter can have visitors in your property during their sit for you, it is at your own risk, your entire sit will not be covered by 121 petcare or doggydayzdoggys. We have vetted our sitters but cannot be responsible for third party guests. We do not advise this .
  15. You must ensure that forms requested by 121 petcare are completed, submitted and signed before a sit so that we have full written instructions on your sit.
  16. It is your responsibility to insure your property and your pet/s. You will need to arrange with your Household Insurer to cover the pet sitter for the dates they will be in your home. We accept no liability for damage caused by your pet during an assignment. You will be liable in the event that a pet sitter or a 3rd party is injured by your pet. We are liable if we damage your property.

24 – You agree to provide all leads and poo bags for dog walking and during the sit

25 . we do not allow off lead walks.

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